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The name of the association was put forward by Hans Nittnaus
Pannonien [latin:
Pannonia] the region‘s name during Roman times; this underscores that origin is an important criterion of the wines
nobile [lat., ital]  noble, rich in content, generous

 In the middle of the 1980s, Austria experienced a vinicultural revolution. Many winemakers implemented the latest cellar technologies and placed a strong emphasis on international grape varieties in order to bring more value to their wines. This expressed the new self-confidence of the Austrian producers and it pointed to the potential of their vineyards with an eye to when comparing them to those of the established wine-growing regions of other countries.
However, this adaptation to modern methods sometimes led especially seen from today‘s viewpoint to a kind of uniformity of taste as well as to a decline in the regional typicality of the wines. Nevertheless, the international style was very successful on the market and proved to be an important step in the development of quality wine-growing in Austria.


However some winemakers had more vivid imaginations about how premium wines from their homeland should be. Thus, the idea of Pannobile was born, created by a group of winemaking friends and colleagues meeting regularly in Gols, a wine village on the northeastern shore of Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedler See). Their aim was neither to be “modern” nor “international”, but to be committed to the soils, the character, and the climate of their region so that premium wines made from local grape varieties could be created.


Still, a vision is one thing, and the realization of it is something completely different. In 1994, the winemakers decided to establish an association that would turn their loose ideas into solid goals and provide a platform for the realization and control of those aims.

Seven winemakers, Paul Achs, Matthias Beck, Hans Gsellmann, Gernot Heinrich, Matthias Leitner, Hans Nittnaus nd Helmuth Renner, founded the association. In 1998 Gerhard Pittnauer joined the group, as did Claus Preisinger in 2004.

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